A renderToPipeableStream Playground on CodeSandbox


1 min read

A minimal CodeSandbox cloud template to experiment with React's renderToPipeableSteram APIs, available on GitHub or CodeSandbox.

I've recently enjoyed the opportunity to move existing React projects to the renderToPipeableSteram API and – in that process – went through many questions, uncertainties, and plain-out confusion.

Out of an urge to have a minimal greenfield playground to debug and experiment with its behavior in a local environment and then quickly share or collaborate on findings, I put together a minimal boilerplate that can run on CodeSandbox.

If nothing else, it was useful as a starting point for experimenting with the behaviors of the renderToPipeableStream APIs, its options, its interplay with suspense and error boundaries, and its integration with various external libraries like react-router, react-query, and co.

Disclaimer: Not Suited for Production

At no point was this template part of a production setup. Its sole purpose was to create minimal setups to reproduce certain behaviors I encountered in real-world projects or general questions that called for an isolated setup to step through.